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Analysis of styrene domestic and international chemical market this week and forecast for next week

1. Styrene in the international market: hit by the downward trend of benzene and crude oil prices and the downturn of downstream demand, the spot price of styrene this week fell by $50/ton to $1190/ton (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 11912/ton)

2. Domestic market

(1) one week's market analysis

styrene: due to the sharp rebound of the external market and the reduction of resource supply, the market in East China and South China quickly stopped falling at the beginning and middle of this week, raising yuan/ton, making it difficult to identify the yield point in East China and South China; At the weekend of providing solutions for the increasingly complex global supply chain, the market in East China softened due to the high-level resistance of traders and the continuous decline of crude oil and external market, and the price was adjusted back to 200 yuan/ton, or at yuan/ton; The market in South China is relatively stable due to the lack of manufacturer resources and low export volume

(DONGBANG Tenax Co., Ltd., which operates carbon fiber and its composites business, and teiren aramid Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which operates aramid fiber business, will participate in the 20th China International Composite Industry Technology Exhibition (September 3-5). Market forecast next week:

Styrene Market: at present, downstream manufacturers and traders in East China have little interest in purchasing, and the transaction atmosphere is soft, At the same time, the repeated friendship and cooperation between the external market and crude oil prices are the impact of the oscillation under the mainstream of bilateral relations. Although the market in South China is relatively stable due to the lack of resources, and the price is higher than that in East China, the market in South China will adjust accordingly with the deepening of the weakness of the market in East China. Therefore, next week's trend: continue to maintain the oscillation pattern. It is estimated that it is unlikely to hit a new low. The key is that the current domestic resource supply is not many and the current price is basically close to the market cost. It is estimated that if you want to exceed it, you will have a chance unless the external market and domestic demand are in a collapse. The current market trend is due to the frequent fluctuations in raw material prices affecting the purchasing mentality of traders

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