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The "ten articles of soil" will enter the approval and release procedure as soon as June 5. The "ten articles of soil" will enter the approval and release procedure as soon as June 5. I have been trying to find new packaging materials t China Construction machinery information. Recently, I learned that the preparation and modification of the action plan for prevention and control of soil pollution (hereinafter referred to as "the ten articles of soil") has been completed and has entered the approval and release procedure according to the process

"like the 'ten articles on atmosphere' and 'ten articles on water', the 'ten articles on soil' are also issued by the State Council, and will be issued as soon as possible before the environment day on June 5." Industry experts said

at present, China has serious environmental pollution, great ecological damage and high environmental risks. By the end of 2015, the over standard rate of soil points nationwide was 16.1%, and that of cultivated land was 19.4%. The problem of soil pollution in some regions such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the old industrial bases in the northeast is particularly prominent, and the excessive range of heavy metals in the soils of the southwest and Central South regions is large

"soil pollution is harmful and hidden. Serious consequences may erupt in the future. It is difficult and costly to control. It is recommended to introduce the 'ten soil regulations' as soon as possible and carry out relevant work as soon as possible." At the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress at the end of last month, member wangqingxi said when discussing the report on the 2015 national environmental situation and the completion of environmental protection goals in groups

at this meeting, Minister of environmental protection chenjining, entrusted by the State Council, reported to the National People's Congress that he would steadily promote the prevention and control of soil pollution. Accelerate the preparation of the action plan for prevention and control of soil pollution. The pilot demonstration of soil pollution control and remediation was launched in 10 provinces, so we should change the project in time. Support 38 key heavy metal prevention and control areas to carry out comprehensive prevention and control demonstration. The general survey of heavy metal pollution in the soil of agricultural production areas was carried out continuously, involving 1.623 billion mu

in fact, the Ministry of environmental protection has stepped up the preparation of the "ten articles on soil" after the introduction of the "ten articles on atmosphere" and "ten articles on water", which will be an important work this year

in March this year, chenjining answered questions during the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress. He said that the draft of the "ten articles of soil" has been basically mature, and the next step will be implemented after being submitted for approval according to the procedures. On April 25, when reporting to the National People's Congress, chenjining also listed the promulgation and implementation of the ten articles of dirt as the key work to be done well in environmental protection in 2016

it is reported that the "ten articles on land" will focus on agricultural land and construction land, distinguish between uncontaminated land, land being polluted and land already polluted, and implement classified control. At the same time, we will improve the relevant standards and technical specifications for soil pollution prevention and control, and promote the pilot demonstration of treatment and remediation

chenjining also disclosed that the "ten articles on soil" will do a good job in risk control according to the classification of the pollution degree of the land, and repair under the condition of risk control. "We need to solve scientific and technological problems, improve our ability to provide scientific and technological support, give play to the leading role of the government, and strengthen target assessment."

when the National People's Congress deliberated on the environmental protection report, Commissioner Du Liming said that recently, the media exposed the soil pollution around Changzhou foreign language school, which once again exposed the harm of soil pollution. We should strengthen efforts to prevent and control soil pollution and increase funds for preventing and controlling soil pollution

member lvzushan said that more attention should be paid to soil pollution in the implementation of the "three campaigns". The report mentioned that the rate of exceeding the standard of cultivated land soil points was 19.4%, which may be even more serious. The degradation of soil pollution is very difficult and expensive. Therefore, at present, we must strengthen efforts to formulate unified and clear soil survey standards and survey scope for soil pollution, which has laid a solid foundation for the further improvement of the company's technology. Because now soil pollution is not only cultivated land, but also urban construction land

"at present, the focus is to carry out the general survey, and a timetable should be set. It is not only necessary to survey the cultivated land, but also the cultivated land in the edge areas of the original city. It is also necessary to check the cultivated land that was originally converted from an industrial park to a residential area. Only after the general survey can the governance plan be studied, so the first step is to find out the bottom." Lu Zushan said

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