Analysis and detection configuration of melamine i

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Melamine analysis (detection) configuration in feed

melamine analysis (detection) configuration in feed

model name configuration quantity

gc5890f gas chromatograph FID, capillary injection system, third-order programmed temperature rise, intelligent rear door opening, 1 set of

N2000 chromatographic workstation computer The printer is equipped with one set of

special capillary column, and one 30m

air generator nitrogen Hydrogen cylinder is equipped with 1 set of

kh-2200b ultrasonic cleaner 3L 1 set of

electronic constant temperature drying oven measurement stability 1 set of

hse-12a solid phase extraction device/1 set of

fj-200 high-speed dispersion homogenizer/1 set of

wh-2 vortex mixer/1 set of

hgc-12a nitrogen blower/1 set of

Soxhlet extractor 150ml 1 set

tgc to make it applicable.Enterprise wider-16c centrifuge 1

PCX solid phase extraction column 50 pieces/package 60mg/3ml 1 package

Electronic balance fa2204b avoid unnecessary expenses: (220g/0.1mg)

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