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Current situation and development of fine chemicals used in pulp and paper industry

1 overview

paper industry is a chemical processing industry with fiber as raw material. In the whole process of pulping, bleaching, beating, papermaking and post-processing of paper, the application of various chemicals is inseparable. Fine chemicals for papermaking refer to various chemical additives that are not added in large amounts, but often play a key role. It does not include the usual large quantities of caustic soda, sulfide, liquid chlorine, talc powder, kaolin, etc. These fine chemicals account for about 1% - 3% of the total amount of paper, but play a decisive role in the economy of paper and production. It can optimize the production process, improve the running speed of paper, and produce thinner, whiter and stronger paper from poor fiber raw materials. It not only has high economic benefits, but also has the advantage of greatly improving environmental pollution. All countries in the world attach great importance to the research and development of fine chemicals for papermaking

new energy, intelligence and lightweight have become the recognized development direction of the future automotive industry. However, the domestic fine chemicals industry for papermaking is still very young. Although some major varieties with large quantities such as analytical columns are produced, the scale is not large, and many green products suitable for high-speed paper machines and strict environmental protection requirements are in the development stage. Due to the lack of development funds, the development speed is far from meeting the needs. The price of relevant products in foreign countries is relatively expensive, and paper mills often cannot afford it. This situation affects and restricts the development of China's paper industry to a certain extent, so that there is a large gap between the quality of China's paper and paperboard and that of foreign countries. 2 current situation of fine chemicals for papermaking in China 2.1 main varieties

the main varieties of fine chemicals commonly used in domestic paper mills are divided into four categories according to their uses in the papermaking process:

1 Pulping chemicals

(1) cooking aids anthraquinone

(2) waste paper deinking agent - a mixture of various surfactants

2. Papermaking process additives

(1) retention aids - cationic starch, polyacrylamide, anionic starch; Multiple retention assistance system

(2) defoamer organosilicon, polyether or aliphatic amide surfactants

(3) preservatives - organic sulfur, organic halide

(4) flocculants - polyaluminum chloride, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylamide and their modified products

(5) resin barrier control agent - cationic polyamide, etc

(6) fiber dispersant - polyethylene oxide

3. Functional additives

(1 the market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded) in Pulp Sizing Agent - acid paper making (pH7): AKD, neutral rosin size, Sr

(2) dry enhancers cationic starch, polyacrylamide, amphoteric starch, multi-component modified starch

(3) wet reinforcement melamine formaldehyde resin, polyamide epichlorohydrin resin

(4) surface sizing agents - polyvinyl alcohol, oxidized starch, cationic starch, styrene maleic anhydride copolymer

4. Chemicals for coated paper processing

(1) the advantages of the coating adhesive (binder) - carboxyl styrene butadiene rubber, starch phosphate, vinegar pressure shear experimental machine are as follows: - acrylic copolymer lotion, benzene acrylic copolymer lotion

(2) printability improver - cationic or amphoteric water-soluble polymer

(3) pigment dispersant - copolymer of sodium hexametaacid, sodium polyacrylate, sodium acrylate and acrylamide

(4) lubricant - calcium stearate dispersion (lotion)

(5) water resistant agent - low formaldehyde melamine urea formaldehyde resin, modified melamine resin

(6) defoamers polyether and amide

(7) preservatives -

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