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Current situation and development of flexo printing in China

current situation of flexo printing development in China

at present, there are nearly 240 production lines (including 170 imported lines and 70 domestic lines) of flexo printing machines imported from abroad and developed and produced by domestic packaging printing enterprises. These production lines are distributed all over the country, with more in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shaanxi and Yunnan

the specifications of unit flexo printing machines imported from China include 10, 13, 16.5, 18, 21.5, 25 inches, 420 mm and 510 mm, of which the width of 16.5 inches accounts for about 80%. Most of the color decks are six colors, up to eleven colors and at least three colors. The width of the imported satellite flexographic press is generally 800 ~ 1200 mm, which generally has six color groups

at the beginning of this year, Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd. introduced an eight color high-speed satellite flexo printing production line with a width of 1300 mm using shaftless transmission technology, three-layer coextrusion compound machine, die-cutting machine and other related supporting equipment from German FK company. The speed of the flexographic press can reach 350 meters per minute, which is three or four times faster than the unit flexographic press, and the speed of the three-layer coextrusion composite locomotive can also reach 300 meters per minute

Zhejiang tianwai green packaging Co., Ltd. introduced emo410, 253 offset printing, flexo printing and silk screen combined multi-functional production lines from gallus, Switzerland, and became the first user of this production line in Asia. The production line adopts UV ink printing and has the following characteristics: (1) it has the functions of double-sided paper cleaning, electronic deviation correction, corona treatment and pretreatment; (2) Roller silk printing, four-color flexo printing, four-color offset printing, bronzing, film covering, etc. are completed on one machine; (3) Post press processing has the functions of flat die cutting, indentation, slitting, circular die cutting, computer paper punching, etc; (4) There are many forms of paper receiving, such as sheet fed paper receiving, web paper receiving, etc. In addition, the production line also has the functions of secondary registration, stripping composite printing and flip printing. It is mainly used for high-end exquisite packaging printing (such as cigarette boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetics boxes, etc.) and anti-counterfeiting printing

at present, flexo printing can fully meet the requirements of cigarette packs, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, labels, self-adhesive printing and other packaging printing products, and can complete various processing such as printing, gluing, die cutting and hot stamping online, which can improve work efficiency, reduce costs and improve production efficiency. According to statistics, at present, 30% of domestic flexo printing machines are used for cigarette packet printing; 15% are used for label printing; 35% are used for self-adhesive printing; Other printing accounts for 22%

some domestic enterprises have installed stripping devices on flexo printing machines, which can immediately brush self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels; Some have added wax hanging devices, which can provide new process methods for candy paper packaging and printing and label printing. Flexographic printing machine has the best effect of printing self-adhesive labels. If UV ink is used, the effect is better. In addition, 80% of the tableware, paper cups and beverage packages produced in China now adopt flexographic printing. Flexographic printing is also gradually adopted in the printing of packaging paper and packaging boxes in the food industry. For example, hamburger packaging paper, McDonald's food packaging box, Yili ice cream box, etc. all use flexographic printing. Flexographic printing has increasingly shown its advantages in the packaging and printing industry, and has broad application prospects

main progress of domestic flexo printing

the main progress of flexo printing in China in recent years mainly includes the following aspects

1. Flexographic printing can basically meet the needs of packaging printing. Judging from the flexographic press that has been put into use in recent years, whether it is narrow or wide, whether it is imported or domestic, it can basically meet the requirements of packaging and printing

after years of production practice, flexographic printing has its own positioning in China's packaging and printing market, and the market share is gradually increasing. At present, the packaging products using flexographic printing include medium and low-grade cigarette boxes, medicine boxes and milk boxes. Flexographic printing is very good in the printing of self-adhesive labels, hangtags and beer labels with medium or above batches. At present, most paper cups and paper lunch boxes also use flexographic printing. The proportion of plastic flexible packaging flexographic printing using satellite flexographic printing machine is not large at present

at present, the best and largest proportion of flexographic printing in China is the printing of corrugated boxes. About 70% of the annual sales of flexographic plates are in the carton industry. In addition, some domestic enterprises of international multinational companies in Shanghai and Beijing have realized that flexographic printing uses ink and water printing, which is not polluted, conducive to health and environmental protection, and the product quality will win the recognition of customers. Therefore, flexographic printing is used in the product packaging of famous brand enterprises such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Lihua, Ogilvy, KFC and so on. Some purchasing managers of foreign enterprises, considering that flexographic printing is green printing, must hand over the order to enterprises with flexographic printing equipment for printing. Facts have proved that flexographic printing technology can not only meet the needs of packaging in quality, but also cooperate with mechanized packaging, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, killing many birds with one stone

2. In recent years, the quality of flexo printing products has been significantly improved. Peter dumes, vice president of the German Flexo Printing Association, once said that nowadays, with the application of CTP technology, the quality of flexo printing has been comparable to offset printing and gravure printing. In 2000, the results of the second national flexographic printing product quality evaluation also fully confirmed this point. Among the nearly 100 flexographic printing products sent by provinces and cities across the country, 9 quality awards, 22 excellent awards and 24 excellent work awards were awarded

3. Most enterprises have been able to master flexographic printing technology, and their proficiency is gradually improving. Flexographic printing process and operation technology are completely different from offset printing and gravure printing. Most domestic manufacturers that introduced flexographic printing equipment used to mainly use offset printing and gravure printing equipment. Therefore, in the early stage of production, it was difficult for each factory to master the characteristics of flexographic printing, and some quality problems occurred in production, resulting in a lot of waste products

in order to obtain high-quality prints and maintain smooth ink color, rich layers and bright colors, there are strict requirements for the imprinting structure of flexo press, plate cylinder, plate material, embossing roller, double-sided tape, ink, etc. in the face of so many variable factors, how to adjust the equipment to the best point, Printing qualified products is very important for operators to show the load in the hydraulic universal testing machine through the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil

in recent years, some technical training has been held throughout the country every year. Judging from the current situation, most enterprises have basically mastered the flexo printing process and operation technology, and can skillfully operate the flexo printing machine. Grasping the five main links in flexo printing can ensure the quality of printing products and reduce waste products. These five links are:

(1) prepress preparation

(2) ink printability

(3) select the appropriate corrugation roller

(4) clean the wrinkle roll

(5) print quality control

4. Some enterprises have achieved better economic benefits. These flexographic printing enterprises have a common feature: sufficient sources of activity, stable product quality, high equipment utilization, and good economic benefits. These manufacturers include Shandong Qingzhou Xinhua packaging products Co., Ltd., Shanghai People's printing No. 8 factory, Shanghai Fangyin Lifeng printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Xi'an Sanwei Printing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qianjiang beer group Weile packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Huanghe Yueli Printing Co., Ltd., etc. According to reports, Shandong Qingzhou Xinhua packaging products Co., Ltd. achieved sales of 65million yuan in 2000, with profits and taxes of 10million yuan, accounting for 15% of sales; The sales volume of Beijing Shuangyan trademark color printing factory of Beijing Yanjing Beer Group in 2000 reached 30million yuan, and the total profit and tax was 12.8 million yuan, accounting for 42.6% of the total sales

5. Domestic flexo printing machines and supporting materials have been developed. Due to the rapid development of flexographic printing technology in China, the development, research and production of domestic flexographic printing machines, embossing rollers, plates, inks and equipment supporting plate making and flexographic printing have been driven

so far, there are 10 domestic manufacturers that can produce flexographic machines: Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd., Shanxi Taihang printing machine factory, beiren Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd., Xi'an Heiniu Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Baonan printing machine manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ziguang Machinery Co., Ltd., Rui'an Yaohua machinery factory, etc. these manufacturers have successively produced about 35 narrow width flexographic machines, and the specifications of 16.5 inches account for a large proportion, There are also a small number of 13, 10 inch and 400mm wide models

judging from the prints printed by the flexo printing machines produced by these manufacturers, the quality of the prints can basically meet the requirements of packaging and printing, equivalent to the general level of imported flexo printing equipment. The price of six color unit flexographic press is less than 2million yuan, which is generally acceptable to domestic enterprises

corrugation roller is the key component of flexographic press. At present, the Shanghai Institute of printing technology, the engraving branch of Shanghai Laser Group Corporation, Xinhua precision plate making (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai aokeli Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. can mass produce metal roller, ceramic roller, laser engraving rubber seamless roller and rubber seamless sleeve. In 1998, Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and American bernel company jointly established Shanghai bernel Yahua printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., which can produce die-cutting knives of various specifications required by flexographic printing machines, and solve the problem that die-cutting knives could not be supplied in China in the past

Shaanxi new century printing materials research institute, Tianjin Ink Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Printing Technology Research Institute have developed water-based ink, water-based varnish, water-based additives and UV varnish, UV ink, UV additives, etc

in flexographic plate making, Dalian Fulai flexographic plate making Co., Ltd., Toyo laser color separation flexographic plate (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Renshi computer plate making company, etc. have introduced a full set of foreign plate making equipment and technology. Beijing duoweilong flexographic technology service company has introduced American flexographic plate making software, so that domestic flexographic plate making technology is at the same level as that of the world. Beijing carton factory also introduced a large format flexographic plate making system from DuPont in 1998. Xi'an Sifang flexo Co., Ltd. also introduced the plate making equipment of Dutch AV (Anhe) company. In addition, Jiangsu Taiyi group and Shanghai Printing Technology Research Institute launched zr650, zr650b and ZBR series flexographic plate making machines respectively

the development of flexo printing, with the current "haze" weather in major cities, has also driven the development of plate making, ink, consumables and other production enterprises, as well as enterprises engaged in flexo printing technology services. For example, Beijing duoweilong flexographic printing technology service Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive flexographic printing technology service company, which can provide one-stop services from technology development, prepress production, die-cutting roller, plate roller production, process training, spare parts and so on in the previous universal tensile testing machine. The development of the supporting equipment and equipment required for flexographic printing has effectively promoted the development of flexographic printing

problems existing in the development of flexo printing

1. some enterprises are short of flexible sources

flexo printing is suitable for batch production and continuous production. If the printing volume is small and the printing quality is unstable, it will lead to increased costs and waste

it is understood that at present, there are still some enterprises engaged in flexographic printing production in China. Due to insufficient living resources, insufficient production tasks, and low equipment utilization, they are in the situation of insufficient operation and "waiting for rice to be cooked"

2. unreasonable equipment selection

when introducing flexo printing equipment, the first thing to consider is the object of flexo printing machine, and we should have a comprehensive understanding

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