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Energy saving, Siemens' new industrial service position

Siemens has a comprehensive energy-saving service capability from products to systems and solutions. Through systematic methods and advanced energy-saving technologies, it is committed to helping users maximize the energy efficiency of enterprises and factories. Said Wang Haibin, general manager of industrial automation group and customer service group in the industrial business field of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd

at present, China's economy is facing great challenges of transformation and upgrading, and the industry is duty bound to this. The days of using fixed asset investment and 89 out of 10 disappointments encountered in the research process to drive industrial growth are gone forever. Energy conservation and emission reduction, green manufacturing, efficiency improvement and resource optimization have become the most eye-catching keywords in the industrial field. How to effectively improve the energy efficiency of enterprises is a common topic faced by the industry

as the world's largest electrical and electronic company, Siemens has established a partnership with Chinese enterprises for 140 years, witnessing and participating in the development of Chinese industry. On November 18, the Siemens industrial energy efficiency forum was held in Xi'an, inviting the government, associations and users to gather together to discuss new energy-saving measures, aiming to promote the awareness of Chinese industrial users on energy efficiency and promote the sustainable development of Chinese industry

energy saving Trilogy

Siemens has a comprehensive energy-saving service capability from products to systems and solutions. Through systematic methods and advanced energy-saving technologies, it is committed to helping users maximize the energy efficiency of enterprises and factories. Said Wang Haibin, general manager of industrial automation group and customer service group in the industrial business field of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd

according to the results of Siemens' 2011 industrial user market research, the two major obstacles that hinder industrial users from implementing energy-saving and emission reduction measures are: the lack of powerful technical means to make enterprise energy consumption transparent, and many enterprises only save energy through behavior and single device, while ignoring the energy management in the whole life cycle

with Siemens' complete product portfolio, we can provide energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions for all stages of the entire value chain. Wang Haibin told that Siemens' energy management method is based on three steps, namely identification, evaluation and implementation

today, Siemens is advocating how industrial users can achieve a higher level of energy conservation through the energy conservation trilogy. Wang Haibin further explained that first of all, it is necessary to realize the visualization of the energy flow of the whole plant. The main items of the survey and statistics are the relevant situation of public officials playing golf, the number of players holding a membership card before the introduction of the eight regulations, the number of players at public expense, the number of players at their own expense, the number of players invited by others to play, and the main use of time for playing; At present, the number of people playing at public expense, the number of people playing at their own expense, the number of people invited by others to play, and the number of people playing at rest have a full grasp of the energy consumption data of electric energy, water energy, heat energy and so on. On this basis, through analysis, we can tap the energy-saving potential; Next, we need to consider the cost and return on investment of equipment and systems in the whole life cycle, and calculate the energy-saving potential of specific applications and the cost-effectiveness of feasible measures; And take targeted measures to turn the energy-saving potential into reality

it is not difficult to find that establishing an energy center in an enterprise or factory to identify and evaluate data is the key to energy management. Now some users, especially small and medium-sized users, do not have enough funds to invest in the energy center, so Siemens can establish a unified energy center and provide support separately. Wang Haibin introduced a new technical means of energy management. Users only need to collect various signals of workshops and production lines through sensors and transmit the data to Siemens' server, which is connected to Siemens' visual energy center. Based on this, Siemens provides data analysis and feedback to users as energy identification and evaluation support. Wang Haibin vividly pointed out that users only need to pay a monthly service fee, just like subscribing to magazines

nowadays, such a unified data center has been established and popularized in Ireland, Erlangen, Germany and other places. In addition to Siemens' industrial customers, the customers of the energy center also have Siemens' own factories

great potential of energy-saving financial leasing

although it is still some time before the industrial energy-saving service mode of establishing a unified energy center is promoted in China, we can see that there are still many possibilities for innovation in the form of industrial services. Wang Haibin said so

for Siemens, it has explored many innovative energy-saving service modes, such as direct business without performance guarantee, cooperation with energy-saving service companies, energy-saving financial leasing, and direct business that promises energy-saving effects

according to Wang Haibin, since the process of energy conservation and emission reduction in China is still in a relatively preliminary stage, the energy-saving service mode is also dominated by the more traditional energy-saving mode of high-efficiency motor and high-efficiency motor plus frequency converter. In the past, we persuaded our customers to buy our energy-saving equipment such as frequency converters and high-efficiency motors to achieve energy-saving effects. In the future, we will be more inclined to promote the application of energy-saving products in the mode of energy-saving financial leasing, similar to contract energy management

specifically, users do not need to purchase energy-saving equipment, but Siemens Financial Leasing Company will purchase and rent to users the faults that cannot be handled with the recovery of the economy. Users only need to pay the rent for the use of the equipment with the energy-saving benefits achieved by the energy-saving equipment in the evaluation return period. After the funds are repaid, the whole set of equipment will belong to users. The advantage for users is that the technical risk of the project is borne by Siemens, and the financial risk is borne by Siemens Financial Leasing Company. Users can achieve energy-saving goals and enjoy the benefits of energy-saving without the investment of fixed assets in the early stage. Wang Haibin added

the reason why Siemens is willing to bear the risks brought by this energy-saving service is mainly based on the following aspects. Zhan Jingtao, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, pointed out that first of all, Siemens has a complete evaluation system and evaluation process, especially a certain evaluation of customers' integrity and assets; Secondly, Siemens has a group of experienced engineering and technical personnel, who can make evaluation data in line with actual operation through on-site research; Finally, Siemens' products and systems are highly reliable, which can ensure that industrial users can achieve energy-saving goals on the basis of stable operation

now, this innovative energy-saving service model has been promoted in Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The future promotion potential is favored by the industry. As Wang Haibin has always emphasized, energy conservation is a new position for Siemens' industrial services. Siemens will give full play to its technical advantages, continue to provide more valuable services to industrial users, and promote the development of energy-saving service business

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