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Energy saving, efficient and clean heating appliance

induction cooker is a new cooking tool that has appeared in recent years. Because of its advantages of no noise, no pollution, energy saving and so on, it has quickly been recognized by the market. This paper introduces the principle, detection and application of induction cooker in detail from a professional point of view, hoping to provide some references for readers

working principle

Figure 1 shows the working principle of the induction cooker

Figure 1 working principle of induction cooker

among them, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is a new generation of ideal power semiconductor device integrating high frequency, high voltage and high current. It is the representative product of the third revolution of power electronics technology and one of the core components of induction cooker

The circuit of high-frequency induction cooker is composed of power circuit, main circuit, single chip microcomputer control circuit and protection circuit

its working principle is to convert 220V AC into DC voltage first, and then add it to IGBT through excitation coil. The IGBT is turned on and off under the control of the driving signal. A current with a frequency of kHz flows through the excitation coil to generate a high-frequency magnetic field. If an iron pot is placed on the stove platform at this time, eddy currents will be generated in the bottom of the pot. When the eddy current overcomes the internal resistance of the pot, it will convert electric energy into heat energy as the heat source of cooking

the synchronous circuit closely monitors the working condition of the main circuit. When the IGBT voltage drops close to 0V, a trigger pulse is output to force the oscillation circuit to start the oscillation of the next cycle and turn on the IGBT. This can avoid the instantaneous change of current in the excitation coil, and protect the key Component IGBT. The oscillation circuit outputs a rectangular pulse. During normal operation, the rising edge of the rectangular pulse is forcibly controlled by the synchronous circuit to ensure that the same step as the resonant circuit is constant compared with the dynamic limit, and the width of the rectangular pulse is controlled by the current negative feedback circuit

the output of the power circuit mainly includes supplying power to the single chip microcomputer, supplying energy to the main circuit and being used in the driving circuit to drive IGBT conduction

the single chip microcomputer and its surrounding circuits not only provide control signals - rectangular pulses that can turn on or off the IGBT drive, but also provide a good human-machine interface, such as the keyboard display part, and conduct real-time monitoring of voltage, current, pot bottom temperature, IGBT temperature. The software judges and takes appropriate measures to protect the normal operation of the induction cooker

energy saving, high efficiency, multi-function

after years of development, the safety of induction cooker has been greatly improved. In addition to providing conventional protection, such as high and low voltage, IGBT overheating, small object heating, dry burning, it can also realize the protection of external electrical abnormalities (such as surge, pulse, etc.). In the early days, the function of induction cooker was very simple, which only had the basic control and heat preservation functions of large, medium and small fires. At present, the induction cooker with high cost performance has many functions, such as frying, frying, boiling, frying, stewing, stewing and so on, which basically achieved the effect of "one stove in hand, cooking without worry", so it is more favored by consumers

in terms of energy saving, induction cooker also has outstanding performance. According to statistics, the use of induction cooker can save 35% of the cost per month on average compared with the use of gas stove, because induction cooker has inherent advantages in energy saving. The specific performance is in the following four aspects: first, as the "fourth generation" stove, the induction cooker mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating (IH heating) technology to make the cooker directly heat up, with high thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of ordinary gas stove is only about 50%, while the thermal efficiency of induction cooker is as high as 85%. 2、 The induction cooker has no combustion heat brought by open fire and exhaust gas brought by insufficient combustion of gas, which can not only create a clean cooking environment for the kitchen, but also reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners, range hoods, refrigerators and other electrical appliances in the kitchen. 3、 All induction cookers adopt frequency conversion heating technology, which means that induction cookers have inherent advantages in energy saving. According to the set procedures, adjust the power according to the heating needs, and effectively save energy. 4、 Induction cooker has particularly high technical requirements for products. Compared with gas stoves, it consumes less raw materials such as steel and has a small volume, which reduces the comprehensive energy consumption in its manufacturing process and transportation process, and has a high cost performance ratio

inspection of induction cooker

induction cooker can be classified in terms of power, style and quality. The first is power. The maximum power of induction cooker in the market is mostly between 1500W and 1800W, and individual brands reach 2000W to 2400W. The power of induction cooker is large, and the firepower will increase accordingly. But the higher the power, the higher the price. In addition, it also depends on the function of the induction cooker. In terms of main functions and safety protection functions, all brands and styles are basically the same. What needs to be compared is some additional functions, such as timing function, automatic insulation function, voice prompt function, etc. in these aspects, there will be some obvious differences between various brands and styles

the induction cooker with beautiful appearance is small and exquisite, and the appearance is colorful, which can beautify the kitchen. At present, there are mainly display modes in the market: indicator light, nixie tube, VFD color screen, LCD liquid crystal, etc. when selecting the display mode, it should be matched with the function. Generally, the function of the induction cooker displayed by the indicator light is relatively simple, while the digital display is slightly practical, and the really easy to use is VFD or LCD display, because they can achieve more function matching more intensively and intuitively. Choosing a luxury display induction cooker can replace many kitchen appliances, and it is more cost-effective in terms of economy. Its production material is high hardness ceramic crystal glass, and it specially uses a planar streamlined design. Therefore, it is not easy to leave food residues and stains on the surface of the induction cooker, and it is very convenient to clean even if there are stains

as an international chemical giant, Johnson Matthey is not weak

whether the quality is qualified will directly affect the service life of the induction cooker. The following simple detection steps can help you judge whether the quality of the induction cooker is qualified

I. heat energy conversion. When the iron utensils are placed on the induction cooker and the switch is turned on, the bottom of the utensils should feel hot soon. When the induction cooker is working, in addition to the normal sound of the cooling fan in the cooker, the coils and other parts in the induction cooker shall not have current AC sound, vibration and other sounds

II. Check whether the automatic detection function works normally. This function is the automatic protection function of induction cooker, which is very important for induction cooker. The actual measurement method is: remove the cooker when the induction cooker is working, or place something that should not be heated such as an iron spoon on the furnace surface, and observe whether this function can alarm or automatically cut off the power supply according to the detection time requirements of the induction cooker manual

III. The appearance of the furnace surface should be flat and free of damage. At present, the furnace surface of induction cooker is mostly made of heat-resistant crystalline ceramics, so we should pay attention to the flatness of the furnace surface. If the furnace surface is convex, concave or inclined on one side, it will affect the normal production of thermal efficiency

IV. check whether the temperature has a 100 degree temperature zone design. Even if it has 100 degrees, it should also be tested. See whether the water can still maintain 100 degrees or boiling state when it is set at 100 degrees after boiling. If the temperature design of the induction cooker is not accurate, it will lead to the hidden danger of burning, because many internal devices are protected by temperature

market potential

according to statistics, induction cooker is the small household appliance product with the fastest growth rate in recent years. The annual sales volume of induction cooker is about 4million units in 2002, 7million units in 2003, 10million units in 2004 and 13 ~ 15million units in 2005. In the next five years, there will be a market potential of 70 ~ 80 million induction cookers in China, and the market capacity will reach 10 billion yuan. The application of induction cooker is not limited to household use. It is expected that the demand for induction cooker in places that are not suitable for open fire cooking, such as planes, trains, etc., will also increase significantly

increasing the use function and frequency of induction cooker, replacing electric rice cooker and gas cooker with induction cooker, eroding the market share of electric rice cooker and gas cooker, and developing from auxiliary cooker to leading cooker will be the main development goal of induction cooker in the next few years

the further improvement of the temperature measurement and thermal insulation functions of the induction cooker is close to or even up to the level of the rice cooker. The development of the style towards two heads and multiple heads, and finally to achieve a multi-purpose induction cooker is an important direction for the induction cooker industry to achieve a breakthrough, which can not meet the requirements of the high stiffness precision spring. At the same time, open the control and positioning to accurately send the auxiliary products related to the induction cooker. When the conditions are ripe, It is a wise decision for enterprises to launch new products in the application of electromagnetic heating technology

Topbond electronics is the first industry pioneer to apply the single-chip microcomputer embedded technology to the intelligent control application field of household appliances in China. It can independently complete almost all electrical performance and reliability experiments. It is at the leading level in the industry in terms of the supply and quality of the control board of induction cooker. It also has original patents in the field of electromagnetic heating. Recently, it has launched new technology products such as high-power induction cooker and smoke-free induction cooker, It has provided more than ten million sets of control boards for domestic well-known induction cooker manufacturers, and has been highly praised by customers. (end)

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