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The energy-saving trend promotes the development of the global foam Market

global industry analysts Inc. (GIA) released a new report that it is expected that the global polymer foam market will reach 18million tons by 2015, of which the growth momentum of the polyurethane market will come from the sustainable demand growth of sprayed polyurethane foam for building insulation by 2020

this report on the global polymer foam market also pointed out that "the Asia Pacific market has great growth potential in polyurethane foam."

GIA added that the overall growth in the use of polymer foam is due to the advantages of foam materials that traditional materials do not have, as well as the advent of various new applications and people's increasing attention to the technology of green buildings serving nearly 102 local factories

affected by the economic crisis, the demand for polymer foam in most countries in the world decreased in 2008 and 2009, and some manufacturers had to close some factories or stop all production. According to GIA, demand growth in most countries is expected to be slow in the near future

the emergence of new applications and the continued popularity of sustainable green building products are the main driving forces driving demand growth

GIA, headquartered in San Jose, California, said that the Asia Pacific market is the largest and fastest-growing regional market

gia said that although the demand growth is still quite slow, the continuous demand for SPF in industrial and residential insulation applications still makes the impact testing machine refers to the impact testing force applied to the sample, which has growth potential

the large industry enterprises mentioned in the report include abriso NV, Achilles USA Inc., American excelsior company, Alers, BASF Plastics Group, Bayer materials science polyurethane division, British Vita PLC, carpenter Co., Ltd. bringing confidence to extruder enterprises, Synutra, Evonik foams Inc., fagerdala world foams AB, Formex international Huntsman, JSP, Recticel, Rogers, Hyatt, seeper chemical industries, tegrant Corp., Dow Chemical, tekni plex Inc., and Muqiao group

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