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A new formula for calculating the size of corrugated boxes

according to the principle of corrugated box manufacturing process, a piece of corrugated board with a certain length and width is used. Based on the manufacturing size, after indentation and bending, it is formed by nailing (bonding). The indentation must be pressed through, and the bending is 90 ° inward. In this way, a corrugated board is sorted from the inside out: inner diameter line → cardboard thickness → indentation line → paper layer thickness → outer diameter line

therefore, the internal relationship between the three sizes of corrugated boxes is displayed in front of us:

first, the formula used in the past is:

1, manufacturing size = internal size + paperboard size

2, external size = manufacturing size + paperboard thickness

3, internal size + 2 paperboard thickness = external size

after practice, it is found that the external size of cartons manufactured according to this formula is smaller than the actual size required by customers. For example, with five layers of paperboard (more than 7mm thick), the customer requires to make the external dimension (length × wide × High) = 400 × two hundred and sixty × 260 (mm) carton, calculated according to the formula, manufacturing size = external size - cardboard thickness, that is, manufacturing size = 393 × 2 it is understood that 53 × 253 。 The box made according to this figure has an external dimension of = 395 × two hundred and fifty-five × 255 is 5mm smaller than the actual

second, the new calculation formula is:

1, internal size + cardboard thickness = manufacturing size

2, manufacturing size + paper material performance layer thickness = external size

3, internal size + cardboard thickness + paper layer thickness = external size

the above formula is applicable to the long and wide sides of cartons. According to the principle disclosed above, the height of the carton has a transverse pressing line on the upper and lower sides, and there is a 90 ° bend on each side. Therefore, the relationship between the height of the carton is:

1, inner size + 2 paperboard thickness = manufacturing size

2, manufacturing size + 2 paperboard thickness = outer size

3, inner size + 2 paperboard thickness + 2 paperboard thickness = outer size

paperboard thickness: three paperboard usually = 1mm, five paperboard = 2mm, Seven layer paperboard can be calculated as 3mm

III. The difference between the used formula and the new calculation formula:

the error of the used formula: according to this formula, there will be a cardboard thickness above and below the indentation line on a piece of corrugated cardboard, that is, there will be two cardboard thicknesses at the same place of the same cardboard, so the calculation error occurs

the inside of the oil pipe should be cleaned with kerosene first. The new formula is to divide the corrugated board into the thickness of the board (actually the height of the board) and the thickness of the paper layer (the superposition thickness of the paper under the indentation) after indentation and 90 ° bending, which is in line with objective reality, so it is correct. The size of corrugated box calculated by it, whether it is internal size, manufacturing size or external size, is very accurate and practical

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