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Energy saving server: it was first incorporated into the national energy saving standard system

today, with the concept of energy saving deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it energy saving has received unprecedented attention, and as the nerve center of the IT system, the server, which is embarrassed to be called the "non-stop electric tiger", has become the focus of attention. Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry released the first batch of recommended catalogue of electronic information technology, products and application schemes for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and recommended Langchao energy-saving servers at the top of the list, making server energy conservation a hot topic for enterprises and society again. Experts pointed out that the energy-saving server was incorporated into the national energy-saving standard system for the first time, which marked that China has made significant progress in promoting server energy conservation

in recent years, with the deepening of China's informatization construction, servers, as the key infrastructure of informatization, have grown rapidly, and their rising energy costs are becoming a huge burden on society and enterprises. According to the statistics of authoritative departments, the number of domestic servers in 2006 has exceeded 1.82 million. Based on the average power consumption of 400 watts per server, the total annual power consumption is about 6.4 billion kwh, equivalent to 1/6 of the total energy consumption of air conditioning in China. IDC survey data shows that: 3. Measuring accuracy: ± 0.5, but relatively large equipment% a data center with 500 servers will consume 3.5 million yuan of power every year. Energy saving problem of 411.9 servers 5. Good flame retardancy has become the focus of energy conservation and consumption reduction that the country and users pay attention to, which is imminent

according to experts' calculations, if Inspur energy-saving servers are popularized in major application fields such as telecommunications and government, 1.3 billion kwh will be saved for the country every year, which is equivalent to the power generation capacity of a medium-sized hydropower station, that is, the power generation capacity of Gezhouba Hydropower Station in one month (Gezhouba completed 14.631 billion kwh in 2006), which is of great social and economic significance. In addition, Inspur energy-saving server will effectively reduce the burden of enterprise IT operation costs and create huge economic benefits for enterprises. The data shows that based on the same configuration, 1U products of Inspur energy-saving server can save energy, and 2U products can save energy%. It can effectively help users reduce operating costs, achieve the national energy conservation and emission reduction goals, and promote the construction of an energy-saving society

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