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As a leading company in the field of unmanned intelligent equipment systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles, Beijing AVIC Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC intelligence") has set up research and development centers and production bases in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hefei, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places. The company's unmanned helicopter products have covered electricity, agriculture Forestry, public security, emergency disaster reduction, petrochemical industry, maritime police, geological exploration and other industries are the undertaking units of the project of the national maritime police ship borne helicopter

in recent years, AVIC intelligence has focused on Party building around enterprise innovation, production and operation, which has effectively promoted the sustainable development of enterprises, and the party building and enterprise development have achieved mutual promotion and win-win results

Liu Zhiqiang said in an interview that the company firmly established the concept of refinement of Party building work, and truly transformed the party's political advantages, organizational advantages and mass work advantages into the enterprise's management advantages, competitive advantages and development advantages. In the process of the company's stride forward, the party organization is playing the role of a "red engine", and this "red force" is becoming a new driving force to help the development of enterprises and the progress of employees. Because of its distinctive and fruitful party building work, AVIC smart was awarded the "non-public party building demonstration unit" by the Beijing Federation of industry and Commerce in November 2018

party building promotes talents to add impetus to development

a national flag and a party flag are hung high in the huge factory building of AVIC intelligence. On one side of the factory building is the static display of various UAVs developed by AVIC intelligence, just like the UAV formation waiting for inspection

seven years ago, AVIC smart still worked in a small studio with an area of more than 100 square meters. Through innovative development, AVIC Smart has become an industry-leading supplier of integrated solutions for unmanned systems, which can provide customers with UAVs, as well as all-round supporting and peripheral products including flight control systems, blades, pods, SAR radars, inertial navigation systems, rotors and consoles

what is the secret of the rapid and good development of enterprises

"facts have proved that non-public party construction and enterprise development are not 'two skins' that are not mutually involved." Liu Zhiqiang said that it is the best witness to make the party building work and enterprise operation and management resonate and integrate with each other

the key to the development of innovative enterprises lies in talents. "Where is not serving the country?" Liu Zhiqiang often talks about this sentence. As a demonstration unit of military civilian integration, AVIC intelligence has attracted a group of outstanding talents from military industry, central enterprises, colleges and universities and the army, including the technical backbone of more than hma-al00 model projects, with its "breadth of mind" of recruiting talents, which has greatly improved the company's technical strength and independent research and development ability. Today, AVIC intelligence has nearly 400 employees, and its R & D strength accounts for 63%

in the Party branch of AVIC intelligence, the division of responsibilities appears to be particularly attentive. The post of organization member is held by the company's human resources manager, which reflects the concept of the party managing talents, performs the duties of "managing macro, managing policies, managing coordination, and managing services", and highlights organizational coordination and pooling of strength

Liu Zhiqiang said that such an arrangement provides personalized and diversified services for the company's talent work, plays an active role in respecting, caring for, serving and achieving talents, and strives to cultivate talents with career, condense talents with environment and motivate talents with mechanism

AVIC smart adheres to recruiting party members among high-end talents in the enterprise, makes full use of their exemplary leading role, and attracts more excellent talents to gather around the party organization. Liu Zhiqiang said that attracting excellent talents to the party organization, making excellent talents become party members, building the party team into a high-quality talent team, and letting the party team burst out with vitality and vigor. By the end of 2018, the AVIC smart Party branch had 35 party members, an increase of 11 over the previous year

build a platform for talent development. In September, 2018, the Party branch, together with personnel and other departments, jointly organized and mobilized all outstanding young talents of the company to actively participate in the "application for supporting projects for the cultivation of outstanding talents in the development zone" organized by the Party committee of enterprises in the development zone. With the gradual start of the domestic peek market. AVIC smart Party branch took the initiative to actively coordinate the company's senior leaders to participate in the symposium, and selected 14 excellent projects from 22 projects to apply through project application training, Q & A and other activities. The AVIC smart Party branch not only provides a display platform for young talents, but also enhances the influence and appeal of the AVIC smart Party branch in the company

in August 2018, the launching meeting of the identification and test of a certain type of UAV of AVIC smart was held. At the meeting, Party members led everyone to take an oath, and everyone expressed that they should be hardworking, not afraid of hardships, help each other, unite as one, regardless of gains and losses, and work selflessly. In the whole process of research and development, Party members shouldered and dared to take on the responsibility, and further played the role of Battle Fortress. With the close cooperation of the team, the identification test was completed in only 2 months

party building leads group building to stimulate new vitality

"effectively integrate the group work with the party's central work and thematic activities, adhere to 'what the party needs, the group organization will do', and highlight the joint efforts of the party and the masses. This is the purpose of AVIC intelligence to explore party building leads group building." Said Liu Zhiqiang

the Party branch of AVIC Smart has held several special meetings to study the work of the trade union, and supported the trade union to work independently around the central work of the company in accordance with the law and the articles of association of the trade union, so that the trade union can become a bridge and link between the company and employees, and give full play to the role of democratic management and democratic supervision of the trade union

at the same time, in order to better do the work of Youth League members, mobilize the enthusiasm of the Youth League members, unite and lead the Youth League members to grow into talents based on their own positions, AVIC intelligence is in close communication with the party and Mass Work Department of the Development Zone, actively applying for the establishment of the Youth League branch, better unite the Youth League members around the party and Youth League organization, and accumulate strength for organization construction and enterprise development

by deepening the party building and leading the group building, AVIC intelligence group completely cleaned the force measuring cylinder and piston or polished and replaced the cylinder or piston fabric of the experimental force sensor, and achieved solid results in all aspects

in 2018, AVIC intelligence organized more than 100 people to participate in the red theory lecture hall of the Party committee of the enterprise and the training of Party and League building of the enterprise. The company also organized skill competitions in the flight test center in combination with the company's business organization skills, so that more employees could experience UAV operation by means of competition instead of training, so as to stimulate everyone to constantly learn and cultivate interest and improve skills

in the view of Liu Zhiqiang, the key to carrying out party building in private enterprises is to "sink", always pay attention to the well-being of the majority of Party members and workers, consciously play a political core role in the masses of workers, actively reflect the demands of workers, and closely unite the masses of workers around the party organization

"my younger brother found a good unit, met good leaders and colleagues, and helped my younger brother through the difficulties in time." Two weeks ago, relatives of Bai Hua, an engineer in the R & D center of the company, specially called the company to express their gratitude

it turned out that Bai Hua encountered a traffic accident, causing multiple fractures of his body, and was sent to the intensive care unit for treatment. After learning the news, the leaders of the company immediately sent people with money to the hospital to help Bai Hua pay the deposit and set the operation time. At the same time, the Party branch acted quickly and organized the employees of the company to prepare for blood donation in case of emergency. Subsequently, the AVIC smart Party branch and the labor union jointly organized a special fund-raising activity to send warmth to employees

in AVIC smart, the party organization has carried out many love activities to support employees with family difficulties, so that they can feel the warmth of the enterprise and the care of the party organization. With the support and guidance of the Party committee of the enterprise, the "home of the party and the masses" built by the company has become a new position for the company's party and the masses to organize learning, activities and exchanges, and has also opened up a new path of "integration" of the company's party and the masses

innovative ideas in Party building lead new actions

in July 2018, the AVIC smart Party branch organized middle and senior managers and all Party members to visit Xibaipo for study, condensed the thoughts of all employees with Xibaipo Spirit, and implanted Xibaipo Spirit into the corporate culture

Tian gangyin, chairman of AVIC smart, said that as a private enterprise, entering Xibaipo to receive revolutionary traditional education is to closely follow the pace of the party, devote one's heart to the party, and through carrying forward the spirit of modesty, prudence and hard work, seek motivation and strength to solve the many challenges facing the enterprise at present, and practice the historical mission of serving the country and strengthening the army

in Liu Zhiqiang's view, similar activities organized by the Party branch have brought a lot of insights and Enlightenment to the employees of AVIC intelligence, especially the middle and senior management of the enterprise, to seek enterprise development. In the "big test" of the market, AVIC intelligence must live up to its mission, forge ahead and make the enterprise bigger and stronger

party building is built in peacetime and used in "wartime". Whenever a major task or project is tackled, the party organization always comes forward to do its work. In the first half of 2018, the company is facing the tough task of key models of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is urgent to unify the thoughts and understanding of the majority of employees and stimulate everyone's enthusiasm

the Party branch quickly took action, carried out heart to heart talks, guided all departments to adopt a combination of top-down and bottom-up, graded responsibility and full coverage, found out the ideological foundation of employees, inspired people, and laid a solid foundation for the implementation of tough tasks

nowadays, we focus on the metal impurities, oxygen content, surface defects and geometric dimension control of silicon wafers; It has become a "magic weapon" of AVIC intelligence to carry out basic research and conversation activities such as epitaxial growth dynamics, doping dynamics, defect composition and control law of the third generation semiconductor materials, which has been included in the regular work of the company. Through heart to heart talk, we can find the crux, solve problems, eliminate concerns, and make everyone devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm

Liu Zhiqiang said that the party building work of AVIC Smart has also made attempts and explorations on integrating resources from all parties and building a carrier platform

the AVIC smart Party branch and the second party branch of ICBC Development Zone sub branch held a signing ceremony for the joint construction of the branch of "banks and enterprises work together to promote the development of new chapters", and jointly carried out theme party day activities with the Party committee of ICBC Development Zone sub branch. The Party branch of the fifth Bureau of the central United Front Work Department was invited to the company to carry out theme party day activities and exchange military civilian integration pilot experience. AVIC Smart has become a military civilian integrated learning base for multiple partners

pursue a goal as always, let the best UAV take off from the Development Zone, and make contributions to the development of this industry. Liu Zhiqiang said that in 2019, the Party branch of AVIC smart will conscientiously fulfill the requirements of the party building system, pay more attention to service in management, pay more attention to effectiveness in education, and pay more attention to innovation in methods, further improve the scientific level of Party building in enterprises, continue to work hard, do not forget the original intention, live up to the times, and make greater contributions to the aviation industry

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