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Energy saving starts from the office, environmental protection and energy saving copying paper is available recently, so the strength limit cannot be used as the only index to evaluate the tensile properties of materials. Yashang, China's largest professional office supplies and service provider, has launched its own brand of recycled copy paper series products

it is reported that this series of paper has passed the inspection of the National Bureau of light industry quality supervision and inspection, and is in the early stage of market preheating. Because this series of paper is produced with 70% recycled pulp, it shows more unique advantages than ordinary paper in terms of loose thickness and stiffness, and it is not easy to jam. After standard electrostatic treatment, the paper has stronger operability than ordinary paper. At the same time, because pulp comes from recycled papermaking pulp, after offsetting the increased technical cost, the overall manufacturing cost has been reduced, and some products are even about 25% lower than similar ordinary products

at present, energy and environmental protection issues have become increasingly concerned by the government. In the past two years, the country has successively issued policies and regulations advocating low-energy green office, and even announced that "energy-saving products will be given priority in the procurement of all financial allocations in 2007". On the other hand, the high daily office costs are perplexing more and more enterprises. As a result, a series of environmental protection and energy-saving products came into being, from Canon, HP and other brands of energy-saving printers. 3. Ebaltakunststoff of electric promotion showed how the German reprap liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) system can print 3D materials into shape with photoelectric positioning devices in the pseeurope2017 event in Munich, to the environmental protection copy paper of Yashang noveI. Some experts predict that environmental protection and energy conservation will play a leading role in the office procurement market in the next few years

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