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The energy-saving rotating glass window has obtained the national patent

when cleaning the window glass, you should generally extend your hand out of the window or stand outside the window. At Wuhan patent technology exhibition and trading center yesterday, caizhengyang, a 66 year old retired worker, showed off his invention of energy-saving rotating glass window, which has been patented by the state

it can be seen that the window contains 4 pieces of glass, a protective window and a rotating shaft. When the window is closed, four pieces of glass are grouped into two pieces and divided into two layers, with the protective window in the middle. Holding the window glass, you can rotate the window glass by 45 degrees at most. At the same time, nylon material has the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The two layers of glass are divided into four pieces, which is convenient for residents to scrub

Cai Zhengyang introduced that because the glass (3) must be divided into two layers before the experiment, there is air in the middle, which has good tightness, which is conducive to saving energy, but if the sample height is too high, it can be insulated

three years ago, Cai Zhengyang saw on the thick cardboard paper of the hypothesis test that someone fell to death because of cleaning the window glass, so he came up with the idea of inventing the rotating window. In the process of invention, he believed that installing anti-theft outside the glass would affect the appearance of the city; The anti-theft is installed in the glass, causing a sense of depression in the room. To this end, he tried to install anti-theft between two pieces of glass, which can prevent theft and does not affect the appearance

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