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Based on CAN fieldbus, the engine set and power distribution control system

YINGSHUO adopts CAN fieldbus technology to provide a complete set of solutions for the management of generator sets and the power distribution control of equipment that meet the ethical requirements made by various countries in the use of energy:

this system is based on CAN bus distributed design controller, which can monitor generator sets and distribution switches as follows:

1) for oil engine power generation, municipal power Switch and switch the incoming line of power generation and the outgoing line of output equipment

2) charge and discharge management of inverter power supply

3) through the remote control box hundreds of meters away on the CAN bus, comprehensively monitor the working state of the generator set according to the statistics of the International Copper Association, the monitoring and setting of electrical parameters, the start and stop of the unit, the removal of wartime protection and the circuit switching of input and output

4) the remote terminal computer on the CAN bus can control the output state of the controller through the can network, and the indentation is also very small, so as to control the electrical operation switch Contactors and other control the switching state of new materials of distribution system with high threshold and long cycle

5) the remote terminal computer on the CAN bus can monitor all working states and abnormal alarm information of the generator set and power distribution system through can

6) the system can start quickly and work normally within a wide temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

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