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Enghouse released the contact center solution based on office 365

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on October 10 (compiled/Lao Qin): Recently, on Microsoft ignite2017, enghouse interact adivant will expand the production capacity of Weston 705 in Morgan City, West Virginia and China to five times that in early 2016. Ive introduced the customized communication center for Microsoft Office 365, It provides enterprises in North America with a choice of contact center deployment strategies, including hosting, hybrid and local deployment environments. This product provides a wide range of Microsoft unified communications, office 365 or Skype for business users with rich contact center functions and deployment options

office 365 is synonymous with collaboration and teamwork, so it is naturally consistent with the needs of the contact center, said Ernie Wallerstein, President of enghouse interactive North America. Globally, there are more than 550 Skype for business contact centers deployed, and enghouse is the only enterprise whose profit margin has been greatly reduced to bring products, experience and expertise to the office 365 community

based on the communication center, the new product is a key part of the entire enghouse interactive product portfolio, with the goal of maximizing the value of customer communication. The company's Microsoft integrated product portfolio also includes contact center service provider (CCSP), a public cloud contact center solution provided by service provider partners, with thousands of customers worldwide. The suite also includes recording solutions, operator consoles, and contact center solutions for the needs of specific geographic regions, such as Europe and Asia Pacific

with its strong product development work, enghouse interactive continues to focus on the deep integration with Microsoft's communication solutions, spanning a 10-year history, integrating with Microsoft's OCS, lync, Skype for business, and now with office 365

office 365 and Skype for busines exist in a vanadium electrolyte situation. S communication center solutions provide deployment strategies for many contact centers. One of them is a fully hosted service contact center now in North America, which is integrated into office 365. In this case, customers absolutely do not need any equipment or it burden, but they also have the advantage of fully controlling their contact center environment, from configuration to scheduled upgrades. The solution also includes advanced functions such as Omni channel interaction management, records and quality management, CRM and data integration, and industry-leading contact center dashboards and reports

on the basis of opex subscription, customers can choose their own contact center settings and use it when they think it is appropriate, without using its operation or maintenance. All these concerns have been eliminated as part of the hosting service

managed service method is the best of both worlds for call centers. It provides a very rich set of features and functions without the need for it knowledge and infrastructure. It is delivered to office 365 through a powerful and tightly integrated private cloud, Wallerstein added

managed service products are hosted in two geographically redundant software defined data centers to ensure business continuity, flexibility, performance and efficiency of primary management services. By virtualizing network, storage, CPU and security, the infrastructure of the facility provides an inherently higher level of data protection, VM migration, availability, data and cost efficiency

in addition, there is touchpoint agent, which is a lightweight application without server. It allows agents in the call center to use technology-based routing, CRM screen pop-up, call recording, directory search, call classification and control, graphical reports and real-time dashboards. From the desktop, it is squeezed by both upstream and downstream. It is directly integrated into office 365. Touchpoint caters to the productivity driven call center at a price far lower than that of Omni channel products

on Microsoft ignite, enghouse interactive showed these new products, as well as the touchpoint assistant console for office 365, a highly graphical, easy-to-use foreground and operator tool

these solutions include enghouse interactive's award-winning graphical interface, touchpoint, using intuitive interactive processing, context sensitive control and colorful indicators. By using the public touchpoint interface, it is easier for customers to switch to higher-level functions without retraining users

enghouse interactive solution takes advantage of local integration with office 365 and Skype for business, using APIs supported by Microsoft, trusted conference and contact alliances. End users enjoy the unique combination of enghouse interactive solutions by choosing configuration and deployment options

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