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Recently, words like "unmanned factory, machine replacement, automatic assembly line" have filled our ears. Many Beibei people who want to take the road of industrial robot engineers will have such questions: how many industrial robot training institutions are hot, and all of them are very popular, how many PLC training platforms, how many industrial microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines collect electro-hydraulic servo automatic control Automatic measurement, data collection, screen display, and disposal of experimental results are one body robot equipment. What a boring teacher, how to judge

if we think differently, maybe we will take fewer detours and avoid being fooled when choosing. That is: what conditions do professional industrial robot training institutions need to have

first of all, what is a major

is the wonderful place for individuals or institutions to work on pressure testing machines for technical projects in the field of industrial robots. The depth here does not mean that the size of the training course is professional. Such cognition is very one-sided. After all, in work, everyone is fighting for professional depth. Remember, it's deep, not wide

you need to know whether industrial robot training institutions are professional

if you have a little understanding of the industrial robot training on the market, you will know that some institutions focus on industrial robot electrical design, mechanical design, industrial robot debugging engineers, and industrial robot after-sales engineers. These alone cannot judge whether this institution is professional

non institutional mechanical equipment is either very grand, including all robot equipment in the four family industries; Or playing a noble feeling card for the cost benefit of the organization, teaching with domestic industrial robots that are not popular and do not have practical production needs. This does not mean that this organization is very professional

as the saying goes, laymen watch the excitement and insiders watch the gateways. The publicity of the first two institutions will always give us a feeling that the institutions are tall and awesome. If you have ever had such prejudice, you should pay attention. Maybe you don't know that there is such an insider in this industry

first of all, industrial robot training itself is a heavy asset investment project. There are almost 200000 sets of foreign brand equipment, and tens of thousands of pieces of domestic equipment. There are many types of multi brand equipment investment and classes, which requires more teacher costs, marketing costs, enterprise operating costs. These various expenditure costs need to be maintained by a steady stream of students! (the cake is so big)

as an enterprise, in order to make profits, it is inevitable to pay attention to one thing and lose the other. The variety of shifts and the excessive expansion of equipment will inevitably directly lead to the reduction of teacher costs

secondly, industrial robot training itself is a comprehensive discipline, and teaching + training is inseparable. A reliable and experienced teacher is our guide to enter this strange industry

if the teachers themselves do not have actual project production experience and blindly talk about academic style on paper, it seems that the teaching is rigorous, but they cannot absorb any experience and lessons from the production of enterprise projects, we will lose our fundamental purpose of participating in industrial robot training; Xiaobai is still Xiaobai in the end, and a layman is always a layman

without the guidance of senior teachers, what is the difference between us and self-study? No matter how powerful the equipment operation is, theoretical knowledge cannot be practiced. This is nonsense. As for the equipment itself, failure to make the best use of everything is called waste

what kind of robot should industrial robot training institutions use to teach

as for teaching equipment, in terms of current market share and utilization rate, it is not a big problem to adopt any industrial robot of the four families (FANUC, KUKA, abb and Yaskawa) as teaching equipment

of course, this does not mean that industrial robot equipment ranks second in teaching and senior teachers rank first; No, the two complement each other. One is missing, because if there is a gap between the screw rod, the experimental data in the future cannot be made. For example, heroes in martial arts will always have a sword, and only when wandering the Jianghu will they be invincible. Similarly, only senior teachers cooperate with high-quality industrial robot equipment, can we achieve our expected training effect and the requirement of future work salary increase

due to the good control performance and experimental accuracy of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, as mentioned above: professional industrial robot training institutions need: teachers with senior practitioners and teaching qualifications + overseas imported equipment (one of the four families is enough)

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