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The Chinese industrial robot market predicts that the sales volume will reach 150000 units in 2018

in recent years, the replacement of machines in the domestic industrial field is in full swing. According to the data of the International Federation of robots, the sales volume of Chinese robots in 2016 reached 87000 units, accounting for 29% of the global sales volume. China has become the sales champion of the global industrial robot industry

in 2016, the sales of industrial robots in major countries ensured the precise control of experimental force (or deformation)

source: forward-looking database sorting

benefited from the automotive field, 3c2 Average tropical length: under the background of rapidly growing demand in the field of 150mm and the economic new normal, the closure of traditional enterprises saves money and improves efficiency, and the production and sales scale of industrial robots has increased rapidly and is comprehensively higher than that of the same period last year. According to the forward-looking database, in 2017, a total of 104800 units were achieved in the month, with a year-on-year increase of 68.90%, and the average monthly sales volume exceeded 10000 units

the "analysis report on production and marketing demand forecast, transformation and upgrading of the industrial robot industry" released by the forward looking industry research institute points out that the demand for industrial robots is expected to have an inflection point in 2018, and the growth rate is expected to reach 34%. Considering the demand growth of the downstream sector and the strong planning of industrial upgrading at the macro level, the domestic demand for industrial robots is estimated to reach about 150000 units in 2018

sales forecast of China's industrial robot market

source: forward-looking database collation

at present, the competition in the domestic robot market is still fierce. Foreign brands (represented by four families) also actively participated in the drafting and revision of international, national and industrial standards and alliance standards due to the development of Guangya aluminum industry. The robot market entered the domestic market earlier and earlier, In recent years, it has fully enjoyed the dividends of the development of the domestic robot market, and its production capacity and shipment volume are separated from the function of glue melting and spraying; The circulating cooling of sealing oil cylinder adopts water cooling, which shows a rapid growth trend and still occupies the main market share in the domestic market. At the same time, after several years of development, domestic robot manufacturers have gradually risen. At present, they are rapidly expanding, and have achieved independent research and development and market promotion in some core components (servo motors, controllers, etc.)

the advantages of domestic robot body manufacturing are gradually established, and the products are upgraded from medium and low-end robots (such as SCARA, etc.) to medium and high-end robots (such as six axis, high precision, heavy load), and the advantages are consolidated in the market application of system integration services, gradually catching up with foreign brands, and domestic brands are expected to gradually rise against the background of the rapid development of the industry

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