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Shenzhen industrial robot standard alliance was established

on the 22nd, it was learned from the Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology that the Shenzhen industrial robot Standard Alliance (polypropylene materials for short account for 48% of the total plastic consumption of the vehicle IRSA) was officially established, and 21 units such as Dafu Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Keda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Yuanrong robot automation equipment Co., Ltd. became the first batch of alliance members. This is the first machine in Shenzhen to let the tensile testing machine continue to stretch elastic material samples such as rubber in the standard tensile test fixture. It is also the first standard alliance established in Bao'an

although the robot industry in Shenzhen has entered a stage of rapid growth, there are still some differences in technology compared with Germany and Japan. Therefore, the alliance will integrate the resources of industrial robot enterprises, industry organizations, standardization organizations, scientific research institutes, testing institutions and other aspects, establish an industrial robot industry standard platform, carry out research on industrial robot standards at home and abroad, establish an industrial robot alliance information interaction platform, and an industrial robot industry consulting platform, and give full play to its overall advantages in standard development, technical support, service guarantee and so on, In order to improve the core competitiveness of Shenzhen industrial robot industry

it is reported that the alliance adopts the membership system, has independent legal personality, and enterprises and institutions, relevant technical institutions, management service institutions, certification and testing institutions, universities, scientific research institutions and other groups engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and service of products related to the industrial robot industry, as well as peeling strength testing machines, can apply for membership if they meet the application conditions

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