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Zhongji United: the leader in the field of wind power high-altitude safety operation equipment

Zhongji United: the leader in the field of wind power high-altitude safety operation equipment

main products: product quality advantages are obvious. Tower elevators and micro elevators are the company's current main products, and their sales revenue is the company's main source of income. Five competitive advantages make it the leading position: technical advantages, market share advantages, cost management advantages, after-sales service advantages, qualification certification advantages

future development trend: expand overseas markets in the short term, and gradually cover all walks of life from the wind power industry

Finance: steady growth in performance for many years + 55% high gross profit margin throughout the year

the company's financial situation has been in a very stable growth state, especially in the field of medical devices or automobiles for many years. In the five years since 2013, the growth rate of the company's revenue and net profit has remained above 20%. In addition to stable performance growth, the gross profit margin of the company is also relatively stable. For many years, the gross profit margin of China international joint venture has been stable at about 55%. Behind its stable gross profit margin is the company's market advantage and continuous cost control

four major trends in the future development of the wind power industry

the prospect of the wind power industry is still promising, and it will maintain a stable development trend in the next five years: according to the annual new construction scale plan of wind power issued by the National Energy Administration in 2017, the new construction scale of the country in should reach 28.8 after-sales lifetime support 4gw, 26.6gw, 24.31gw respectively, and the cumulative installed capacity should meet the growth rate of 12.5%

China's offshore wind power has broad prospects in the future: according to the "13th five year plan" of the wind power industry, the offshore wind power operating capacity will exceed 10GW in 2020, so the annual new operating capacity will be more than 8.37gw. Based on the average 4MW capacity of each offshore wind turbine, more than 2000 offshore wind turbines will be built in the next few years. Therefore, there is also a great demand for offshore wind power aerial work equipment

policies to promote the development of the wind power industry: a total of 31 wind power related policies were adopted in 2017. Among them, the relevant policies to promote the consumption of wind power know that the analysis, cause and treatment of the problems of plastic granulators are to extend the application life and normal operation of granulators. There are as many as 13 top priority policies, 4 on low wind speed and decentralized wind power, 6 related policies related to offshore wind power, and 10 policies include the promotion of wind power parity

the elevation of wind power tower height and the strengthening of the importance of high-altitude safe operation: according to the data of China's wind power industry map, among the newly installed wind power groups in 2017, the average wheel height reached 85m, an increase of 3M over 2016; The height distribution range of round detection is 65m-140m, and the maximum value is 140m, an increase of 20m over 2016. With the continuous improvement of the height of the wind turbine tower, the metal material tensile testing machine has a variety of curve modes: stress-strain, pneumatic displacement, pneumatic time, strength time and other curve modes, and the strengthening of the safety awareness of young workers, the safety of working at heights is becoming more and more important. In 2014, the state revised work safety law of the people's Republic of China also increased the degree of supervision and punishment for safe operations. The demand of high-altitude operation enterprises for safe operation equipment has changed from dispensable to rigid

profit forecast and valuation

we predict the growth rate of the company's operating revenue in 2018 according to the plan for the 12.5% compound growth rate of the wind power industry in the annual plan for the new construction scale of wind power. It is estimated that in 2018, Zhongji United will achieve an operating income of 325553600 yuan, and its net profit in 2018 is expected to reach about 84.9 million yuan, corresponding to EPS of 1.03 yuan

risk tips

accounts receivable recovery risk, human resources risk, high customer concentration risk, the risk of canceling subsidies in the wind power industry, etc

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