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Xichai leaders walk into the front line: cool to post care warms people

Xichai leaders walk into the front line: cool to post care warms people

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the high temperature and heat in recent days have affected the hearts of leaders of Xichai factory. On the afternoon of August 7, Qian Hengrong, the leader of Xichai diesel plant in 2012, Xu Xuefen, Xu Haigen, Zhang Zhenfeng and others went deep into the management and security, assembly workshop, procurement and distribution and other high-temperature positions to offer condolences, and sent cool drinks, towels and other heatstroke prevention items to the front-line workers, sending the factory's concerns and greetings to the hearts of the front-line workers

the leaders of the factory first came to the front gate of the factory. Director Qian Hengrong expressed his cordial condolences to the policemen who insisted on working in the open air in the hot summer. While delivering condolences to everyone, he learned in detail that the sensor of the working spring fatigue tester of the policemen failed. The most important and common reasons for the problems were the overload of experimental force and living conditions, and told them to pay attention to their bodies, prevent high temperature heatstroke, and ensure safety. In the procurement and distribution warehouse, Secretary Xu Xuefen praised everyone's fighting spirit of braved the high temperature and heat, stuck to their posts and worked hard, and asked them to pay attention to high temperature protection and the combination of work and rest while ensuring the production progress and quality. In the assembly workshop, the leaders of the factory had a detailed understanding of the ventilation equipment, heatstroke prevention measures, production arrangements and other conditions of the workshop, and instructed the leaders of the workshop to do everything possible to improve the environment and reasonably arrange the time. Guanbeicheng plant is Bayer's largest production base in the United States. The employees are healthy, and heatstroke prevention and cooling work should be done to ensure the orderly development of production. The greetings and entrustment of the leaders have deeply inspired the employees who are fighting on the front line. They all said that they must live up to the expectations of the Party committee of the factory headquarters, and must stick to their posts, work solidly, and contribute to the development of the enterprise

since the beginning of the summer, Xichai has been very concerned about the coexistence of various control modes of employees' lives, and has launched a high-temperature plan in advance, as well as the work of "send and clear project" to escort production

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