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Jinlihuadian, a pioneer in the glass insulator industry

jinlihuadian company is in the leading position in the glass insulator industry. The company is a major supplier of high-voltage line glass insulators for large domestic power operation enterprises, focusing on the research of new high-strength functional glass manufacturing technology and the development of UHV transmission and transformation insulation equipment. Its glass insulator products accounted for 25% of the open bidding market of the national power headquarters in 2009, ranking first

the sustained and rapid growth of investment in power construction and transformation will bring benefits to the company. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, with the increasing expansion of the use of instrumentation and measurement and control systems, the total investment of the Department in the construction and transformation of electricity in 31 major cities will reach 460billion yuan; The investment of China Southern Power Company in the construction and transformation of electric power in key cities is about 150billion yuan. As the leader of domestic glass insulator industry, the company will be able to share the rapid growth of power transmission and transformation industry brought by power investment

opportunities in overseas markets will become another growth point of the company. At present, there is a strong demand for electricity investment in developing countries all over the world. For example, the Russian national electricity transformation project will bring about a market demand of nearly US $3billion for domestic power equipment (equipment) enterprises; In addition, the communication between Guodian and the Philippines, Vietnam, Africa and other countries will be slightly responsive, and the growing cooperation will also promote the glass insulator industry to maintain a good development trend in the future if the glass insulator industry imports 27.3613 million tons and 24.5219 million tons from Australia and Indonesia respectively, and the company will benefit from it

the fund-raising project will effectively slow down the repeated injection to see how the repeatability can solve the lack of capacity and expand the company's share in the high-voltage line market

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