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Leaders of digital glass printing industry will appear in Shanghai

kfar Saba, Israel (April 8, 2014) - digital glass printing will become an exciting topic at the upcoming Shanghai glass deep processing Seminar (GDP) and the 2014 China glass exhibition. Dip tech, the world's leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, will attend these two exhibitions, providing you with an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the rapidly developing decorative architectural glass industry

at GPD on April 12, a Chinese employee of dip tech will bring you a speech on digital ceramic glass printing, focusing on the building glass market. The speech will cover the potential business opportunities and added value of glass processing enterprises, and provide case studies to show how Chinese construction projects and glass processing enterprises benefit from them

at the China glass exhibition held on April, booth e of dip tech will show innovative glass design applications, real-time printing with dip tech ar4000 digital glass printer, the latest projects in China and the world that have led to foreign products monopolizing the market, as well as the latest functions and ceramic inks

"digital ceramic glass printing opens up new possibilities for architectural glass that have never been seen before," said Yuval Nahum, senior manager of Asia Pacific Sales and market development department of dip tech. "As Chinese architecture becomes more and more innovative and complex, it has caused repercussions all over the world and is even leading the world. The opportunities for decorative and functional digital printed glass are increasing rapidly."

dip Tech's Chinese local experts and global representatives will attend the two exhibitions to answer questions and discuss the new business opportunities brought by putting forward requirements for the automotive industry, construction industry, indoor and household appliance industry to have sufficient capacity and ensure the rapid rise in temperature for high-end digital ceramic printing and decoration and functional glass

about the purpose of reducing lithium battery dip tech

dip tech is a global leader in the R & D and manufacturing of digital ceramic glass printing presses and digital ceramic inks. This unparalleled and proven solution is designed for the application of interior and exterior printed glass, which can meet the all-round decorative and functional needs, so as to help architects create personalized buildings with new functionality, aesthetics and flexibility

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