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Guilin Liugong: leading performance growth of construction machinery

Guide: the company has a total share capital of 320million and 110million circulating shares. The company is mainly engaged in construction machinery such as loaders, bulldozers and excavators. It is the largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China. Driven by the rapid growth of the national economy last year, the fundamentals of the company reached the highest boom since its listing, with a performance of 0.34 yuan per share, which is worth noting

the total share capital of the company is 3.2. Kostron participated in the establishment of China's automobile and degradable plastic bags, which are synthesized by adding starch and other ways to lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance of billion, with 110million circulating shares. The company's main business is loaders, bulldozers, excavators and other construction machinery. It is China's largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise. Driven by the rapid growth of the national economy last year, the fundamentals of the company reached the highest prosperity since its listing, The performance per share is 0.34 yuan. It is worth noting that the company continued to maintain an astonishing growth rate in the first quarter of this year, with a performance per share of 0.163 yuan. The 2003 mid-term report reached a higher level, with earnings per share of 0 If there is a value of 37 yuan on the counter, it has entered the ranks of blue chip stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. It is expected that the company's annual performance will be about 0.70 yuan, and it is the leading enterprise of construction machinery

from the secondary market, this year, the share price of the stock has risen steadily, and the trading volume has been mildly enlarged. After the excellent first quarter results were announced, the stock has hit new highs continuously. Due to the recent impact of various factors, the stock has made a certain correction with the market. After digesting the profit taking, the stock has obvious capital takeover around 10 yuan. The stock is expected to start the main upswing again with the help of the excellent interim report performance of the company after the market has been low and stabilized. From the perspective of investment value, the company's dynamic P/E ratio is only 14 times, which has investment value. Investors are advised to pay active attention to the above projects after they are completed in Harbin. The short-term support level is 9.60 yuan, and the short-term resistance level is 11.20 yuan

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