On the sustainable development of metal packaging

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Talking about the way out for the sustainable development of metal packaging: when the development of circular economy D1 <5, the dimensional deviation and appearance quality are qualified

JDB, Lulu and Red Bull believe that many consumers are not unfamiliar with the taste of these drinks. However, you may not pay much attention to the outer packaging, and you may not understand that these metal cans can be recycled. Data shows that there is a huge space for the development of safe and environmentally friendly metal packaging products in the future. China's metal packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become the second largest metal packaging country in the world

in 2011, the total output value of the international packaging industry was about 592.2 billion US dollars, of which metal packaging was 102billion US dollars, accounting for nearly 17% of the total international packaging industry. In the same period, the estimated output value of China's packaging industry was 862.5 billion yuan, of which the metal packaging industry was 69billion yuan, accounting for only 8% of the packaging industry. Metal packaging still has great room for development in the whole packaging industry chain

metal packaging will pay attention to recycling and recycling

China has identified the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a strategic task of the medium and long-term planning of national economic and social development. The way out for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry is to walk out of a circular economy road of recycling and recycling of metal packaging waste, which is also the advantage of metal packaging products

in the future, metal packaging will pay more attention to food safety, thinning, reduction and recyclability, and the competitiveness of metal packaging will become more prominent in the future. Because the tinplate material has good impermeability and light tightness, it can effectively prevent the contents from being oxidized by light and prevent the invasion of pollutants. Therefore, it has the most safe, hygienic and healthy characteristics; At the same time, because tinplate can be recycled and recycled, it meets international environmental protection requirements. Metal packaging can extend the shelf life and shelf life of food. No matter what the contents are, the packaging date of metal packaging products can exceed 1 year, which is not achieved by other packaging forms. In addition, the printing technology of metal packaging can meet the aesthetic requirements of high-end products

the overall national policy environment puts the development of circular economy in a prominent position, so that environmental protection and economic construction promote each other. The development of circular economy is an important way and effective measure to achieve sustainable development, which is of great significance to the realization of new industrialization

the alliance leads the industry into a new era of sustainable development

Zhou Yunjie, chairman of the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation and chairman of Org Packaging Co., Ltd., introduced at the alliance's founding ceremony that the metal packaging recycling and recycling alliance was initiated by the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation, and was organized by enterprises engaged in metal packaging manufacturing, scientific research institutes, associations Social welfare organizations and media are non-profit non-governmental organizations established on the principles of voluntariness, equality and cooperation

the alliance aims at environmental protection (recycling), innovation, cooperation and development, establishes a strategic alliance for China's metal packaging recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction, and technological innovation, gathers high-quality resources from metal manufacturing, container production, beer and beverage, canned food, and associations, propagandizes the advantages of metal packaging recycling, improves the system construction of metal packaging recycling, and realizes the sustainable development of China's metal packaging

The main task of the alliance is to closely focus on the key steps of metal packaging recycling, solve the common and individual problems in the process of recycling, and explore the sustainable development model of metal packaging recycling, industrial chain resource integration, and close connection between upstream and downstream in China. Follow up and investigate the development trend of metal packaging in an all-round way, including thinning design, UV ink, small-size easy to open cover technology, and cleaner production technology; Put forward reasonable suggestions to the competent government departments, urge the establishment and improvement of relevant industrial policies, provide more convenience and resources for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry chain, set up a special fund for metal packaging recycling research, take the road of combining production, learning and research, develop metal can recycling technology, improve the overall scientific and technological level of the metal packaging industry, and boost the steady growth of the metal packaging industry. Coordinate and strengthen the cooperation between alliance members and other industrial alliances, and promote the unity, self-discipline, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation of the alliance industry

the concept of environmental protection starts and ends with dolls

it is learned that the first recent activity of the alliance is to establish a recycling education base for Chinese teenagers in Beijing. When asked why it was included in the first activity, Zhou Yunjie said that to make the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, we should start with teenagers. The original intention of establishing the education base was inspired by his investigation in South Korea many years ago. Let employees have a platform for the development of Dongqing, pay back and work with dignity. There is such an environmental protection education base in South Korea. Many kindergarten children and primary and secondary school students have received environmental protection education since childhood through the way of teaching in fun, and have achieved good results in the friction experiment set. Some middle school students make them understand and actively participate in various visits, training and other activities. It is said that this educational base in South Korea needs to make an appointment half a year in advance before it can make an appointment to visit

in addition, the alliance will also choose influential large supermarkets, venues and other public places where people gather to place metal can recycling machines, and print recyclable labels on the metal packaging products of the alliance members in early 2017, so as to expand the social impact of the alliance and strengthen consumers' awareness of environmental protection. Take the recycling of clean waste in aluminum cans enterprises as a pilot, establish a recycling system, and promote it to other metal packaging when the system is mature

at the 2012 Beijing International Packaging Expo, a metal can recycling machine about 2 meters high at the org booth attracted the attention of many professional visitors. Many visitors put metal beverage cans into it, and then a dime was returned. It is said that in the near future, metal can recycling machines will be seen in large supermarkets, venues and other public places where people gather

recycling is the advantage of metal packaging products, and circular economy is the way out for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry in the future. It is imperative to realize the organization and systematization of the recycling of metal packaging waste. Waste or degradation of metal packaging is a waste of resources, and metal packaging enterprises should dare to undertake the society of recycling and reuse of waste metal packaging

for the establishment of the alliance, the leaders of China Packaging Federation said that they would give full support and actively communicate with relevant government departments to improve the preferential policies of relevant industries. The Federation will negotiate with scientific research institutes and strive to solve the technical development problems in the recycling and reuse of metal packaging. It is hoped that the alliance will widely rely on the strength of the whole society to make a breakthrough in the sustainable development of the industry, make use of the advantages of industrial products, and make the recycling and reuse of metal cans normalized and systematic through the promotion activities of the alliance, so that the environmental protection concept of the metal packaging industry can go deep into the hearts of the people, and make the metal packaging industry embark on the road of circular economy and future sustainable development. Create a certain scale of economic benefits for the metal packaging industry, and finally realize the promotion of this mature model to other first and second tier cities in China, so as to make its due contribution to the development of circular economy in China

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