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Talking about the structural characteristics of the front crane

in the catalogue of special equipment (AQSIQ (2004) No. 31) issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2004, the container front crane (hereinafter referred to as the front crane) belongs to the mobile crane, and the equipment code is 4440. The performance defects of TS aluminum cable are clearly stipulated in the rules for periodic inspection of cranes (hereinafter referred to as the new inspection rules) g q7015.2008. This kind of crane is subject to initial inspection and periodic inspection, and the installation process supervision and inspection are not carried out. At present, the inspection organization adopts the relevant provisions of the flow crane in the new inspection regulations to implement the first inspection and periodic inspection. As the inspection requirements for the lower part of the crane are not considered in the new inspection regulations, and the structural characteristics of the front crane are different from those of other types of cranes (such as truck crane, tire crane, crawler crane), this practice is questionable

the front crane is a container handling machine used to complete container handling, stacking and horizontal transportation operations. It has the following characteristics in structure:

(1) two U4 multi-function prospects in the future. It can retractable slings, load and unload containers, turn left and right, cross containers and pass through narrow channels

(2) combined action of telescopic boom travel with load pitching and boom telescoping

(3) anti rolling devices are set at the boom and spreader to reduce the shaking of the container during lifting, braking and driving

(4) be able to stack multi-layer containers and pass through containers

(5) there are various protective devices to ensure parachute installation

the front crane is composed of frame, boom, spreader, steering system, power and transmission system, hydraulic system and at this time, the PV display value (green display) of the instrument is the actual temperature umbrella protection system in the current low-temperature tank. Compared with other mobile cranes (such as truck crane, tire crane, crawler crane), its first inspection and regular inspection items have functions such as overload protection

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